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Boehner's "Pillars of a New Majority" Outline a New Way Forward for Republicans

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House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) delivered five major speeches between June and October outlining his vision for House Republicans, Congress, and our country. Yesterday he released a compilation of these speeches – entitled Pillars of a New Majority – to "lend further context to our governing agenda, and insight into the priorities that will guide" a Congress under Boehner's leadership. Here is the document:

Here are the five speeches highlighted in Pillars of a New Majority and a short excerpt from each:

>> Culture of Life: Remarks at National Right to Life Committee Annual Convention, Pittsburgh, PA, June 2010: "The defense of life and the defense of freedom are necessarily linked. We know this to be true. And if we accept it, then the current political agenda in Washington is a threat to freedom."

>> Jobs & the Economy: Remarks at Cleveland City Club, Cleveland, Ohio, August 2010: "We've tried 19 months of government-as-community organizer. It hasn't worked. Our fresh start needs to begin now."

>> National Security: Remarks at American Legion National Convention, Milwaukee, WI, August 2010: "Today, as thousands of our warriors come home seeking to provide for their families and realize the American Dream they have volunteered to defend, they confront an economy that affords neither opportunities nor jobs. Veterans' unemployment is now at 11 percent. That is why I have called on my colleagues in the Congress and the president to join me in supporting a series of immediate actions to end the ongoing economic uncertainty and help more Americans find an honest day's work. 'Stimulus' spending sprees, permanent bailouts, federal mandates and government takeovers have failed this nation and have failed our veterans."

>> Congressional Reform: Remarks at American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Washington, DC, September 2010: "The mission of the United States Congress is to serve the American people – and today, due in part to institutional barriers that have been in place for decades, that mission goes unfulfilled. These wounds have been self-inflicted by both parties, and if we do not fix them, it's possible no one will."

>> A New Way Forward: Speech to American Workers & Constituents, West Chester, OH, October 2010: "To help our economy create jobs, we have to stop all of the coming tax hikes and cut spending -- and to cut spending, we need to change Congress itself. My friends, this is a new way forward that hasn't been tried in Washington. The Pledge to America is a break not only from the direction in which President Obama is headed, but also a break from the direction Republicans were headed when we last had the opportunity to govern. And I can promise you: if we're entrusted with the opportunity to govern, we are going to do things differently. The American people deserve nothing less, and we will accept nothing less. I will accept nothing less."

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