Broken Promises

Boehner Continues Fight Against Obama Administration’s Job-Crushing Regulations

Broken PromisesJobs & the Economy



As the new Republican House Majority prepares to wage an attack on job-crushing red tape in the weeks ahead, Speaker John Boehner today challenged President Obama to disclose a full list of his Administration’s major pending regulations.  From the letter:

“This year the Administration’s current regulatory agenda identifies at least 219 planned new regulations that have estimated annual costs in excess of $100 million each.  That’s almost a 15% increase over last year.  I was startled to learn that EPA estimates that at least one of its proposed rules will cost our economy as much as $90 billion per year.  The Administration has not disclosed how many of the other 218 planned rules will cost more than $1 billion nor identified these rules…  

I am again asking that your Administration provide a list of all pending and planned rulemakings with a projected impact on our economy in excess of $1 billion...”

While President Obama has repeatedly vowed to take on burdensome regulations being handed down by his administration, his walk hasn’t matched his talk.  In fact, President Obama failed to respond to a similar offer from Boehner to work together to identify and eliminate job-crushing regulations one year ago.

Republicans know that excessive regulations – from misguided EPA restrictions to ObamaCare’s employer mandate – are creating massive uncertainty for job creators across America.  That's why all year long, Boehner and Republicans have been working to eliminate excessive red tape and advance a key plank of their Pledge to America, the REINS Act, which would require an up or down vote in Congress on any major rule with an economic impact of $100 million or more.

With unemployment still upwards of 9 percent, Americans want Washington to remove barriers to economic growth.  Speaker Boehner has offered President Obama another opportunity to work with House Republicans to eliminate excessive red tape and help create a better environment for long-term job growth.  It’s up to the President to make good on his rhetoric.


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