Redistricting Changes "Benefitted Republicans Dramatically"


With most maps complete in the redistricting process, veteran political handicapper Stuart Rothenberg writes in Roll Call this morning that the ability for Republicans to solidify seats has benefitted House Republicans “dramatically” and made it “more difficult for Democrats to net the 25 seats needed to win back the majority”:

“[R]edistricting solidified incumbents who otherwise would have been vulnerable. Those changes almost certainly benefited Republicans dramatically, improving their bottom-line prospects and making it more difficult for Democrats to net the 25 seats needed to win back the majority…Democrats were not buried by the redistricting cycle. But for a party needing to make a net gain of 25 seats to regain the House  majority, a redistricting wash is simply not good enough.  Democrats needed to do better in New York, New Jersey, Arkansas and Texas than they did, and the expected huge gains in Illinois and California are looking shakier than they did initially.”

A survey out this morning from The Hill illustrates the unpopularity of Washington Democrats' policies, only making it harder for them to challenge the GOP for control of the House: 

“On economic issues, 62 percent of voters say Obama’s policies will increase the debt, while 25 percent think they will cut it, and by a 48-percent-to-38-percent margin, voters believe those policies will increase joblessness rather than put people back to work.

“On energy, 58 percent say Obama’s policies will result in gasoline prices increasing, while just 20 percent expect them to cut prices — and by a 46-percent-to-36-percent margin, voters believe they will cause the United States to become even more dependent on foreign oil. 

“Voters’ wide-ranging pessimism comes as gasoline prices have risen sharply, which often dampens attitudes among U.S. voters toward those in power, and as opinions remain sharply divided on the president’s healthcare law.”

As Washington Democrats seek to return Nancy Pelosi to the speaker’s chair, they won’t be able to run away from their records in support of President Obama’s destructive policies that have made a bad economy even worse.