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5 keys to jobs

Jobs & the Economy

Tonight, I’ll join my colleagues in the House and Senate in welcoming President Obama to the Capitol to deliver his State of the Union Address.

Here are the things on job creation Americans need to hear from this president tonight, but almost certainly won't hear, because by his aides' own admission, he is completely focused on his re-election campaign:

1. We need a budget. The Republican-led House passed a budget last year that made tough decisions and outlined a path to pay down our job-crushing debt.  We'll do so again this year.  But the Senate last produced a budget 1,000 days ago -- on this exact date.  Tonight, President Obama should call on the Democrat-controlled Senate to join the House in passing a budget in 2012. Likewise, the President must put forward a serious budget proposal this year, unlike last year when his budget failed to receive a single vote in the Senate.

2. We need the Keystone XL Pipeline. With unemployment still unacceptably high, President Obama cannot stand by his decision to deny tens of thousands of Americans new jobs. The American people also deserve the energy security afforded by reliable, domestic sources of energy. Tonight, President Obama should admit his mistake and reverse his decision to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline.

3. We need to cut excessive red tape. The House has passed nearly 30 bills that would help get millions of Americans back to work. The simple fact is that the Obama Administration needs to get out of the way and get rid of the unnecessary red tape and over-regulation. Tonight, President Obama should call on the Democrat-led Senate to take immediate action on the House-passed jobs bills, which, at a minimum, deserve an up-or-down vote.

4. We need to repeal Obamacare. With one third of business owners citing Obamacare as a reason they’re not hiring, it’s clear that President Obama’s health care law must be repealed. Tonight, President Obama should announce his commitment to dismantling Obamacare before it can impose more job-crushing regulations on American job creators.

5. We need to stop the spending binge. With the national debt topping $15 trillion, it’s time for President Obama’s spending binge to stop. Each year he has been in office, the US has racked up record budget deficits. Under President Obama’s leadership, the US now borrows $1 for every $1 of economic activity it produces. It’s a recipe for disaster. Tonight, President Obama should announce his commitment to balancing our nation’s budget by making significant cuts to government spending.

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