No One Is Talking About Job-Crushing Tax Hikes Except the President

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Last night on CNN, Gloria Borger reminded viewers that “nobody today is talking about tax increases except Barack Obama.”  Republicans in the House and Senate, who have stood firm against job-crushing tax hikes, have made it clear that any debt limit hike that contains tax increases is a non-starter.  See Gloria Borger’s remarks, which followed what Norah O’Donnell called President Obama’s “political message” last night, below: 


Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post, commenting on the President’s speech last night, noted that: 

“The speech itself was part panic attack, part platitudes and a whole lot of class warfare (corporate jets! hedge fund managers!). He stood awkwardly at the East Room podium, minus any press corps. He began with a ponderous recap of the budget train wreck, and then described his grand bargain (light on the details, because, of course, he never put a concrete plan out there). He ridiculed the Republican plan, saying it didn’t ask for sacrifices from the rich. But wait, Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) doesn’t have taxes in his plan. In fact, his whole plan was an indictment of Reid’s no-tax plan. Apparently, he assumed no one was keeping up with current developments....

It was a speech entirely divorced from reality. The Senate Democrats can’t pass tax hikes. The grand bargain can’t get through the Congress with jumbo tax hikes. It is he who rejected a deal that had the agreeement [sic] of House and Senate leaders. You have to wonder why he set the bar so high. He’ll face the flood of ‘President Capitulates!’ headlines when it doesn’t come about. But the answer lies in the sole and consuming passion of this White House: reelection. Hence, the class warfare and the excuse-mongering.”

As Speaker Boehner said last night, “The solution to this crisis is not complicated: If you’re spending more money than you’re taking in, you need to spend less of it.”


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