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Mia Love (UT-04)


Mia Love is back and stronger than ever after having lost by just 768 votes to a six-term incumbent Democrat in the 2012 presidential election year.

Mia, daughter of Haitian immigrants, was born in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in fine arts. She served two terms on the city council of Saratoga Springs. Mia led the city through a decade of considerable population growth as city councilwoman and subsequently Mayor. The city underwent a successful transition from agricultural fields to a residential community under her leadership. Mia oversaw the city’s first ever residential tax implementation to pay for essential services such as fire and police.

Mayor Love is best known for her conservative positions on limited government, increased citizen liberties and limited restraints on business. She believes the best thing she can do as mayor is stay out of the way of business and out of the lives of citizens. She advocates a return to the personal responsibility and reduced government dependency engendered by her father.

Mia and her husband, Jason, have three children.


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