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  • Kevin Boland
  • Blog
  • 06/21/2010

Welcome to the Freedom Project Blog


This past November the American people spoke loudly and they spoke clearly. With their voices and their votes, they demanded more jobs, less spending and a Congress that abides by the Constitution.



Republicans are listening, and carrying out your will, but we need your continued support. Our new House Republican Majority is all that stands between Americans and more “stimulus” spending, more government takeovers, more bailouts, and more job-crushing mandates from Washington bureaucrats. As we work to advance the People’s priorities in Democrat-run Washington, please stay engaged by visiting the Freedom Project’s Facebook page and following @JohnBoehner on Twitter. Submit your information to receive updates via e-mail, and share your thoughts on our blog. Together, we can help put our nation on a path to prosperity by liberating our economy from the shackles of debt and unrestrained government.