• Cory Fritz
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  • 08/24/2011

That’s What He Said: Adding $4 Trillion to National Debt ‘Irresponsible,’ ‘Unpatriotic’

Fiscal Responsibility

As Americans digest news that the national debt has increased $4 trillion under President Obama’s three years in the White House – the most rapid increase under any President in American history – and a disappointing report from the Congressional Budget Office today on the nation’s economic outlook, Fox Nation is featuring video (below) of candidate Obama’s views on debt and Presidential leadership:

If President Obama continues to believe that borrowing from China to pay for more government spending is “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic,” it’s not too late to reverse course and get America on a path to pay down its debt.  House Republicans are more than willing to work with the President in a bipartisan manner to scrap the administration’s failed “stimulus” policies, pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, and remove barriers to long-term private-sector job growth.