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  • 04/15/2011

Keeping the Pledge: House-Passed Repeal of Job-Crushing “1099 Mandate” Signed into Law

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Yesterday, H.R. 4 - legislation repealing ObamaCare’s burdensome 1099 paperwork mandate – was signed into law.  The Pledge to America legislation repeals “the most expensive paperwork burden placed on small businesses by the federal government” that’s been a prime source of uncertainty for job-creators since Washington Democrats jammed ObamaCare down the throats of the American people last year.  

The 1099 mandate is just one example of Washington Democrats’ hostility toward job-creators, as Daniel Henninger noted this past fall in the Wall Street Journal

The Democrats running things the past two years proved they have no clue about the business of business.  In their world, the real world of the private economy is an abstraction, a political figment.  Exhibit A: Along the road to ObamaCare, the party's planners inserted into the bill the now- famous 1099 provision, requiring businesses to do an IRS report for any transaction over $600 annually.  No member of Congress, White House staffer or party flunky thought to say, ‘Oh, wow, this 1099 requirement will crush people running their own businesses. Are we sure we want to do this?’

Repealing the 1099 mandate is a good step, but House Republicans will continue to press for the adoption of other critical Pledge to America legislation, including Rep. Geoff Davis’ (R-KY) REINS Act to stop burdensome regulations that are hurting job creation and the just-passed Path to Prosperity, authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).  

House Republicans will continue to put pressure on the Democrats who control the White House and the Senate to listen to the American people who have rejected ObamaCare time and time again.  The GOP is focused on cutting spending, reining in the red tape factory in Washington, and repealing ObamaCare to reduce the uncertainty facing businesses that’s impeding job creation in America.  


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