• Kevin Boland
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  • 02/07/2011

Keeping the Pledge to America: GOP Moves to End Job-Crushing Regulations

Jobs & the Economy

This week, the House will vote on a measure to direct committees to inventory and review regulations that stifle job creation and economic growth.  The Washington Examiner has the details: 

“The Republican-led House this week will push through legislation aimed at making government rules and regulations less burdensome for business, setting up a standoff with President Obama over some of his key initiatives, including the new health care law, and testing Obama's efforts to appear more business friendly.  The House measure, scheduled for a vote Thursday, would require committees ‘to inventory and review existing, pending, and proposed regulations’ and the rules’ effect on jobs and economic growth….

“House Republicans in recent weeks solicited comment on burdensome regulations from hundreds of companies and trade associations that will bolster committees’ efforts to kill off some of those rules….Republicans have no intention of excluding any agency from their scrutiny.”  

The Washington Post reported that “[t]he regulatory scrutiny poses a test for President Obama as he prepares for a 2012 reelection campaign in which jobs and the economy will be major issues.”  The Post article highlighted one job creator who is suffering from the Obama Administration’s crushing regulatory burden: 

“Murray Energy, a coal-mining company in Alledonia, Ohio, that employs 3,000 people, told Issa that the Environmental Protection Agency's greenhouse gas and clean air rules, those existing and those proposed, ‘must be stopped immediately.’  ‘Jobs and lives are being destroyed by Mr. Obama and his out-of-control, radical U.S. EPA and his appointees to it,’ chairman and chief executive Robert E. Murray wrote. He concluded: ‘America, our industry and jobs, are under siege by Mr. Obama and his U.S. EPA.’”

In fact, “The EPA's rules to curb emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases were cited as an impediment to growth by at least 30 organizations writing to Mr. Issa, including representatives of the agriculture, business, chemicals, energy, paper, manufacturing and steel and iron sectors,” today’s Wall Street Journal reported.  

Ending the economic uncertainty caused by the Obama Administration’s job-crushing regulations is a key commitment of the Pledge to America and we are focused on fulfilling it to help small businesses create jobs here in America.