• Don Seymour
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  • 12/10/2009

The GOP Jobs Plan: An Alternative to More "Stimulus" Spending & More Debt

Jobs & the Economy

In a meeting at the White House yesterday, Republicans told the president that "his policies had frozen business hiring," and outlined several a constructive, common sense proposals designed to help create new jobs without more "stimulus" spending or more debt and restore confidence in our economic future.

The Republican "no-cost jobs plan" – developed by the House GOP Economic Recovery Solutions Group – is designed to address the uncertainty created by the Obama-Pelosi agenda and free American employers to begin hiring new workers. For example, the GOP plan calls for bipartisan agreement to:

Halt any new rule or regulation that would negatively impact small businesses, preventing job creators from shouldering unnecessary new costs or resulting in a net loss of jobs.

Block federal tax hikes on families and small businesses, especially (or at least) until the unemployment rate is below 5 percent.

Quickly act on job-creating trade agreements, opening new markets for American goods and increasing U.S. exports.

Remove unnecessary barriers to domestic energy production, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and creating new jobs. (also see the American Energy Act, our "all of the above" plan)

Freeze domestic discretionary spending at last year's level, saving an immediate $53 billion and demonstrating at least some commitment to fiscal responsibility.

And much more. Read the whole plan here.

This plan is a common sense alternative to proposals by President Obama and Speaker Pelosi for another round of "stimulus" deficit spending, fueled in part by turning TARP into a slush fund for politicians.

On The Lars Larson Show, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) said more of the same "stimulus" spending won't do anything "to get the economy going again":

"I think that if the 'stimulus' looks like everything else they've done, it's just a lot of big government programs, it'll do nothing to get the economy going again. I just think that at the end of the day we presented some ideas to the president on a no-cost jobs program: you know, stop all the crazy things here in Washington. Let's get back to the trade table and actually create jobs through exports. And there a number of tax ideas that we have to allow small businesses and American families to keep more of what they earn. That's how we get the economy going again."