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Test Press Release Post #1

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Learn About Candidates

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Survey: 7-in-10 Cite An Economic Issue As Their Top Concern

A Battleground survey out today indicates that the American people are still asking the question “where are the jobs?” The economy and lack of job creation continue to dog President Obama, reaffirming what Speaker Boehner has said: this election will be “a referendum on the president's economic policies. They've not only not helped the economy, they've actually made it worse.”


Blue Dogs Headed for Extinction, Pushing Washington Democrats Even Further to the Left

A story in this morning’s National Journal confirms that Blue Dog Democrats, after rubber stamping President Obama’s failed agenda, are increasingly diminishing in numbers. What’s worse, they’re being replaced in primaries across America by Democrats more in the mold of Nancy Pelosi than Bill Clinton – helping to future marginalize a party that’s largely the province of places like San Francisco and Boston. 

National Journal has the details: 

“The Blue Dogs' bark in Congress is sounding more and more like a whimper.