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Young Voters “Decidedly Unhappy With the Direction of the Country” Under President Obama

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A new survey out from Resurgent Republic finds that young voters are most dissatisfied with the state of the Obama economy. Politico’s Morning Score reported today that: 

“Conservative-leaning Resurgent Republic, an independent non-profit, is releasing the second of six focus group memos in their targeted voter series today. This batch focused on Gen-Y voters ages 23-30 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Columbus, Ohio. These voters self-identified as Independents, voted for President Obama in 2008 but are undecided on the generic presidential ballot today. Conducted by the highly-regarded Tarrance Group, the focus groups were split between those in college or new to the workforce in 2008 and those who were beginning their professional career in 2008. Phrases that jump out from these findings: young voters today tend to be the most negative about the direction of the country.”

Key Findings from the survey: 

  • “These young voters  were decidedly unhappy with the direction of the country”
  • “Overall both young voter groups did not think the national  economy is getting better”
  • Underemployment is a reality among these 23-to-30 year olds, and they aren’t happy about it
  • “These voters were disillusioned with President Obama, and the discussion of ‘hope’ and ‘change’ triggered a cynical reaction”
  • These young voters were troubled about the deficit and national debt and the future ramifications if left unaddressed

As the Boston Globe noted recently, “Voters under 30 have, as a group, become increasingly disillusioned dealing with the demoralizing economy. Their 13 percent unemployment rate is significantly higher than the national average, as many students graduate into a world of massive college loan debts and barren job markets.” 

It’s clear that this November will be a referendum on President Obama’s failed policies – and if the “youth vote” is the President’s base of support – he’s in big trouble this fall. 

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