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House GOP to Hold Weekly Votes to Repeal Job-Crushing Regulations

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In a memo released yesterday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) outlined the new Majority’s plan to hold weekly votes on legislation to help the private sector create jobs.  The Business Insider has the details: 

“While the ‘Super Committee’ focuses on $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction, Cantor says the House will ‘continue our focus on the jobs crisis.’ Beginning in the week of September 12th, the chamber will take up legislation restricting the National Labor Relations Board's ability to restrict where employers create jobs — a response to the ongoing litigation over Boeing's new South Carolina production facility.

“The House will also seek to delay some of President Barack Obama's new emissions regulations for power plants, boilers, and cement production plans — which Cantor says cost jobs.  Cantor adds that the chamber will also consider a 20 percent small business tax deduction, as well as repealing a rule requiring government entities to withhold 3 percent of pay to vendors to encourage them to comply with tax laws.”

Leader Cantor’s memo noted that Washington Democrats continue to block the GOP’s pro-jobs legislative initiatives: 

Our new majority has passed over a dozen pro-growth measures to address the equally troubling jobs crisis, such as the Energy Tax Prevention Act and the Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act.  Aside from repeal of the 1099 reporting requirement in ObamaCare, however, each House Republican jobs bill now sits dormant in the Democrat-controlled Senate….

“Our regulatory relief agenda will include repeal of specific regulations, as well as fundamental and structural reform of the rule-making system through legislation like the REINS Act, the Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act, and reform of the Administrative Procedures Act…

“The second focus of our jobs agenda this fall and winter will pursue tax relief designed to help American employers create middle class jobs.  Small businesses, in particular, are overburdened with taxes that destroy jobs and in a fragile economy, the worst thing government can do is impose tax increases that prevent small businesses from hiring.  Instead, government should be focused on ways to enable businesses small and large to unlock more capital and create new jobs.”

To read the full memo from Leader Cantor, click here.  To learn more about the GOP’s Plan for America’s Job Creators, click here


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