NRCC Announces Another Round of Patriot Program Members

This morning, the National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) announced the third round of Patriot Program Members for 2012. The program - a rigorous, goal-oriented initiative that enables Members to stay on offense as they build winning re-election campaigns - empowers House Republicans to build strong campaigns through measured benchmarks and accountability, including for fundraising, communications and grassroots organization. 


5 keys to jobs

Tonight, I’ll join my colleagues in the House and Senate in welcoming President Obama to the Capitol to deliver his State of the Union Address.

Here are the things on job creation Americans need to hear from this president tonight, but almost certainly won't hear, because by his aides' own admission, he is completely focused on his re-election campaign:


Democratic Tax Hike Scheme Would Slam Small Business Job Creators

Last evening, Senate Republicans led the charge to defeat a Democratic scheme to raise taxes on small business job creators.  But that isn’t stopping the Democrats who run the Senate from continuing to push for permanently higher taxes on job creators.  

To the surprise of no one, today’s New York Times reports that Democrats are putting politics before governing: 


Reality Check: President Obama’s Troubling Stance Toward Israel is Alienating Jewish Americans

Last night at an event in New York City, President Obama reportedly claimed he’s done more for Israel “than any previous administration.”  He may have prefaced his comment with the caveat that he was trying “not to pat myself too much on the back,” but it’s safe to say that many in the Jewish community strongly disagree with President Obama on his record of support for Israel. 

Here’s some background: